About us


New Birth is a Gospel Christian Band in the St Lucie county in the state of Florida, USA. The band compose of nine (9) origanal members not limitted to: Saint Cius Joseph (Father and Founder), Joseline Joseph (Mother), Davidson & Darline Joseph (twins), Jude Joseph (son), Ernest Joseph (son), Bisentha Joseph (daughter), Nerline Joseph (daughter), and Bidson Joseph (son).


In addition to the 9 original members, we also added some additional members not limitted to: Mazda Joseph (Davidson's wife), Food Abraham (Darline's husband), Holnise Joseph (Jude's wife), Sophia Joseph (Ernest's wife), Daniel Jean (Bisentha's husband).




Curently, We just released our 3rd album May 25th, 2019, which will be coming out soon in the market place...